Friday, January 26, 2007


sorry about the lack of updates recently. have been staying back at school the past few afternoons. extra lessons, clubs, topical tests, crap like that. and i always ended up dozing off just after reaching home and waking up the next morning. great. things won't get much better next week too, since my monthly exam is nearing and nearing. my clubs are currently damn busy decorating the notice boards and crap like that too. who gives a damn about club activities? apparently the government does. idiots. i have to take 3 compulsory club activities to be qualified to enter national university. yeah. how stupid is that?

anyway, i'm searching for a good and most importantly, free video converter which can convert from almost any format to almost any format. anyone have that? FREE okay. not FREE TRIAL one. i'm having a really really hard time converting my videos to a format viewable on my PSP. damn. waste my RM730 lah if like that.

no time for animes at the moment. don't feel like watching them, but i'm still in "pursuit" of the latest episodes. i really wanna convert them and watch on my PSP but... you know.

bought a new game for PSP too, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth. next week buying another new game, Lumines 2. both are second hands of course, cheaper for my budget. i might consider buying 1st hands after CNY but accessories come 1st. my PSP screen shows a bit of scratch already... *heartbreak*

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