Saturday, December 23, 2006

KL ni ima made...

bought tons of stuff since last update. bought a hori nintendogs black pouch for my DS(RM30!!!), bought a phillips headphones(RM70) and bought some japanese reference books(damn cheap bought at a bargain price). man i'm so lucky to find so many cheap stuff now. now looking for new set of styluses for my DS... should cost me around RM20-RM30. and i really wanna buy that Suzumiya Haruhi fanbook(all the artwork, episode reviews and tons of juicy suzumiya haruhi stuff inside) for only RM50!!! SIGH. looked for suzumiya haruhi music CDs too, but couldn't find any. SIGH SIGH. no suzumiya haruhi figurines too. SIGH SIGH SIGH.

oh yeah, I LOVE KINOKUNIYA. i love the japanese section to death. why wouldn't they come to kuching anyway... so many mangas i wanna buy there!!! (suzumiya haruhi manga!!! T.T)

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