Sunday, November 26, 2006

Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 vs. Wii

Finally all next gen consoles are out. But will Sony prevail again with their beefy console with ridiculously high prices? or will Xbox 360 prevail with their early release over the two other consoles? or Wii with their never before seen "nun-chuck" style controllers and their unique gameplay? images from Play-Asia.

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Great graphics at an affordable price for the Xbox 360. lack of hit titles and a HD-DVD drive puts this console in a disadvantage(USD199 for a SEPARATE drive). strictly for Halo/Microsoft fanboys.

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oh PS3. if only the price tag was more logical. offering superficial never before seen graphics. oh, it's a cheap blu-ray player though. that's definitely a plus. get this if you are aiming for only one console that can last for a long, long time.

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ahh the Wii. formerly known as the Revolution, definitely a gaming revolution in the making. ingenius creativity from the Nintendo crew resulted in the creation of the unique style of gameplay of Wii. this is a must-have in my opinion. get this if you want a new console, heck get this even if you had a PS3!!! it's cheap damn it. and fun.

who will win? you decide.

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