Thursday, November 9, 2006

Internet Explorer 7

Recently i downloaded a copy of IE 7 from the official IE site. during installation, it seems that windows validation(checking your windows legitimate or not) is required, so since my copy of windows is *ahem* *ahem*, i had to search the internet for a solution. i had to crack my IE installer to bypass the validation in order to install the IE 7, according to a reliable resource. so i cracked it and installation went smoothly. unless your copy of windows is legitimate(which i highly doubt), you have to go through the same process that i did for the IE 7 installation. same goes for Windows Media Player 11.

ok, so i installed IE 7 through that painstaking process. but was it worth it? 1st of all, the browser works like a "beefed up" firefox. there's the tabbed browsing, etc etc. well the only new thing is tabbed browsing. which we firefox users have been getting like since forever. the menu bar, the icons on top are all jumbled up(the refresh and stop button are so small that i can't even find it at the beginning, which is "strategically" located BESIDE THE ADDRESS BAR). this is definitely not firefox-user friendly. heck it's not user friendly at all(where the phuck is the "delete cache at closing" thing? firefox has it). so i do not recommend you to go and download this 10+MB browser for your daily needs. instead, firefox offers an award winning browser at only ~5MB. or opera at ~6MB.

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