Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A very funny interview of 平野綾, seiyuu of 涼宮ハルヒ in 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱. I love these japanese interviewers. They're always so funny...

Translated interview
H = Hamada, M = Matsumoto, A = Aya.

H: So you are still in college?
A: That's right!!
M: Your voice is completely different from what we've heard earlier.
A: This is how I normally sound.(O.O)
H: You are 18 now, but I've heard you were in the show business since you were 9?
A: Yes.
M: You've been in this world for a surprisingly long time.
H: You were a voice actress since 14.
M: But can you really become a voice actress at 14 even if you wanted to?
A: I always loved anime, so I told my manager I wanted to become a voice actress... What's with that disgusted face?!
H/M: We are listening, we are listening...
A: So I asked her to find an audition for me.
H: So you can use your voice.
A: But I can have a voice completely different than this.
H: You can? So what kind of voice?
A: "You can't do that, Hamada-san."(OMG... ^^)
H: That's amazing. And you are giving fans nicknames?
A: That's right!
H: That's unheard of.
A: After getting in contact with those people, we formed a strong bond, so I thought I should remember those names from time to time.
H: So they contacted you?
A: That's right.
H/M: So what kind of nicknames did you give them?
A: Something like "stripe glove".
H: What kind of guy is it?! I want to find out about that first!! Why is he a stripe glove!?
A: Then there is Rasukaru-san...(rasukaru = rascal)
H: Rasukaru-san!?
A: and Ragaa-san who wears a rugged shirt, and others...(ragaa = rugged)
M: So they are all stripe guys!
H: How about making some nicknames for us?
M: You serious?
A: OK, for Hamada-san... because he's Hamada... so, second lieutenant Hamatisu.
H: Yes! Ma'm!
H: Thank you!
A: Thank you!
H: Now it's Matsumoto-san's turn.
A: Since you are second lieutenant. So, captain Matsumotiinu!
M: I'm in a big hurry today, so can I leave early?

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