Wednesday, October 18, 2006


tomorrow no school... kononnya hari profesional for teachers in my school. i have no idea what they are gonna do at school tomorrow until we students no need go school. maybe they're planning a secret plot to destroy the school and rule the world?!? errr most probably not. that would most probably be planned by us students. there's also "hari permuafakatan" where we go school get our report cards(no connection with permuafakatan at all). wierd school.

next week HARI RAYA le. for you guys who don't know what that is, it's the "new year" for our special pork rejecting friends. i don't eat pork too for your information, but i'm 97% chinese(3% reserved for japanese). there's a whole week of break for us students next week, but my class has chemistry extra class for thursday and friday. form six memang like that lah. song song any teacher can violate our private lives and call us to school for extra class and we have to wear our damn school uniform as a school rule. F.U.C.K. to that.

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