Saturday, October 7, 2006

kanon - episode 1

i had high hopes for this kanon remake, and i was not disappointed. it is DAMN BEAUTIFUL. probably the most beautiful anime i have ever seen after suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu(btw, the same company did this kanon and suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu). the art was perfect. well done, kyoto animation!!! the seiyuus done their job incredibly well. great opening and ending songs, the opening song can be found in my previous post. here's the ending song. it's quite catchy, i like it

here's the link. the uploader disabled embed player so you have to go to youtube to see it. it's called 風のたどり着く場所(kaze no tadori tsuku basho). [note: you might not wanna listen to the full version of the song. the lyrics at the back is kinda... pointless. you know. Japanese with their english. idiots.]

the 1st episode introduces the important characters in kanon, very nicely done, too. if you have watched the previous kanon, you will know what i mean. the main characters, 3 main characters actually. there are side characters which are important too, which are indirectly shown but not introduced(they walk in the background talking while the main characters that was introduced walk past them). the 3 main characters introduced are aikawa yuuichi, minase nayuki and tsukimiya aya. yuuichi is the main guy character, nayuki is his cousin and aya... she bumped into yuuichi in the 1st episode(chased by taiyaki seller LOL) but... she'll be the one to watch in the following episodes(trust me). can't wait for the next episode!!! next week leh... sien. if you're wandering you should watch it or not, watch it! even if you've seen the old kanon, still watch it! it's nice to remember the story which was so memorable...

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