Tuesday, October 3, 2006

imagine studying physics non stop for three hours. imagine studying a part of physics for three hours. imagine studying mechanical waves for three hours. i'm pretty much getting sick of mechanical waves that i wanna curse the existence of it.

i had my multiple choice physics paper today. it was hard, and it was easy. so easy until they even ask the formula as a question. bonus muahaha...

yesterday was my general papers which was easy but damn 3 hours of writing bullshit. i had to write 3 essays of 250++ words each, do two comprehension questions and draw one graph. and i almost messed up my graph too.

tomorrow will be the big day. paper 2 of my physics which consists of structural questions and essays. the one that will determine the fate of my physics paper.

bahh who cares. gonna watch NHK ni Youkoso now and play FIFA 07 later. muahaha!!!

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