Friday, October 13, 2006

The Haruhiism Time Capsule Project - by DarkMirage

This is a time capsule project started off by Dark Mirage, it's a project to send as many pictures containing the image of Haruhiism to Yahoo Time Capsule and beamed to outer space. Please support Haruhiism! Even if you don't know what it is! here are the instructions as from DarkMirage's blog-site:


Download this Haruhiism logo.

Print it out onto one single piece of A4 paper. Laminate it if you want.

Bring a camera, some tape and scissors and the printout along with you and walk around any location you want.

Take pictures of various places and stick the Haruhiism logo somewhere that is easily visible, but try not to make it the obvious focus of the picture. Please try to ensure that your locations fall into one of the ten broad themes prescribed by Yahoo Time Capsule project: Love, Anger, Fun, Sorrow, Faith, Beauty, Past, Now, Hope, You. This should be pretty easily done since the categories are really broad.

Ignore the stares of the passer-bys. Alternatively, try to convert them at your peril. (I shall salute you)


Proceed to the nearest computer with the pictures in hand.

Open up your preferred image-editing software (preferably Photoshop!) and resize the photos to about 1024 x 768. Do some touch-ups with the contrast etc. if required.

Load up Firefox (or Opera) and proceed to:
Internet Explorer users are banned from Haruhiism. You heathens!

Click on “Contribute” in the navigation bar at the top right.

Image Hosted by

Login to your Yahoo account if requested. Register if you don’t have one.

Select “Picture” and then pick an appropriate theme for your submission. Extra Haruhiism Points for “Faith”!

Image Hosted by

Select the picture you wish to upload and fill in the details in the next page.

Image Hosted by

Try not to draw attention to the Haruhiism logo in your description. Say some like “This is a picture of my room.” You can choose to enter some personal details such as your age, gender and location at the left-hand side of the form.

Enter the URL for this post for “Related Web Site Address” if you wish. This is completely optional, but it does give people who stumble upon the picture by random an explanation for the logo. Alternatively, please link to:

Enter “haruhiism” for the tag.

Select a charity to support. I recommend “Seeds of Peace” or “UNICEF”.

Check through your submission and submit away!


Wait for an approval e-mail. This usually takes only a few minutes, but my original submission for the logo took 14 hours to be approved.

Post the link here so that we can keep a count!

ALL HAIL HARUHI-SAMA! Let’s aim for at least 100 Haruhiism logos before the submission deadline in 27 days.

Spread the message today!
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P.S. This is not a joke. Haruhi-sama is the greatest being ever to grace the surface of the earth(well, anime world). So show your love to the great Haruhi-sama!!!

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