Thursday, August 3, 2006


garg so boring nowadays at school. homework like mountain but time so little. whole book of chemistry worksheet haven't do. 4 chapters of physics exercises haven't do. !@#$%... sigh. i seriously need to take my pressure off.

forced by boredom and lack of ideas on posts, i now present you my collection of animes. jeng jeng!!! (lol)

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here are my collection of ongoing animes which i follow. i don't watch all of them though. some i just collect them. then i can watch all in one go. my favourites in there has to be ouran and honey & clover(i only watch these two, the rest i collect only).

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here are (almost) all the animes i got in my "anime drawer". i really treasure my collection here, and if you want to borrow some you MUST make sure you return them, or ELSE.

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this is the anime i'm currently watching. it's called "elemental gelade" or エレメンタゲレイド. it's a fairly decent anime, i recommend it if you like magical sword fights and romance in your anime.

bah. that's all for tonight. need to finish my chemistry. じゃあ~ またな~

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