Tuesday, August 1, 2006


i had a unique experience at school today. we got to wear casual clothes to school for some reason. it was... different in a sense. too bad i didn't bring my camera to school today. even if i did it would be really troublesome, too. i have to get a memo just for bringing a camera to school. stupid, eh? is it a crime to bring a camera to school? sigh no point to argue over this anymore lah. maybe they just afraid their soft boned students got on camera and reported in the news. if that had happened... how wonderful... our school would be really really famous. oh yeah, i really have to comment some of the girls today, they look absolutely stunning!

i got 69 in my chemistry! よっしゃ!すごくよかった! 

now i will only need 30 from my MUET to get average of 42.5! that's a pass! お願い神様!助けて!

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