Sunday, July 16, 2006


since it's compulsory for form 6 students to join a uniform organisation at school, i
chose PBSM(i did considered to join judo but i don't think i can even last one day at the dojo LMAO). i officially joined PBSM today and i thought, not bad lah at least most of the members are looking quite friendly and all. and then we were ordered to go marching and stuff, no problem! i'm veteran at marching when i was in stampin(err around 3 years ago) but i still kinda remember most of the marching orders and stuff. the commander sucks at teaching the virgin marchers though. they even taught wrong things, i think(well different from what i learnt last time).

there's one thing that really bothers me about this PBSM. there's this one particular gang of male members(new ones i presume, wearing casual clothes at that time) that are, yes you guessed it, soft bones, aka akuas. most of them don't look like one, but there's this particular one that really catches my eye(well most of the members' eye). as a result of that, i engaged a conversation with one of my friend(identity concealed for privacy).

(originally chinese, roughly translated)
Me: *seeing akua coming*
Me: psst. your friend ah.
Him: cibai lah you.
Me: waseh his ass so big one.
Him: mcb who tell you to look lah.
Me: so "chiau" how cannot don't look? i have to admit his ass can even compare with women's ass.
Him: *sweat*
Me: how come? you like hah? look until like that. don't drool lah.
Him: *ignoring me*
Me: how come so big hoh his ass? wonder how he did it...
Him: implants lah.
Me: *disgusting look* i thought implants for breasts only?
Him: i guess there's one for asses too.
Me: lol. better kick them out when we have power in PBSM.

after that, we practised marching. during marching the boys(include me) near the big ass akua heard something really funny and can't even resist to laugh. you know when marching we need to turn and turn? guess what that akua said after we did it a couple of times.

"aduh, kimak saya sakit lah."


i really wanna kill them. now.

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