Tuesday, July 25, 2006


nothing much has been happening in kuching, or in my life these days. apart from the dreaded heat and the monthly test going on, nothing is really happening. july has to be the most boring month of the year. non-existant public holidays, mid semester tests, stupid heat waves. next month is a complete contrast from this month, i have to say. most importantly, EPL is starting with my mid-term holidays!!! august 19th to be precise. arsenal's gonna blow everyone away this season!!! august is just 6 days away, i just can't wait for july to go away.

about my monthly test. it isn't really a "monthly" test. just a stupid name to describe this test. each test only lasted for 1 hour 15 minutes(which is 2 periods in my school). i don't get why they even bothered to give us a test when the freaking time isn't even enough!!! well for chemistry, PA and MUET they're more than enough. but damn it i perspirated the whole time while i was taking my physics test. i even thought of giving up and taking biology during the test and imagining them taking their time in their test. grr. one thing's for sure, i'm gonna fail my physics. sigh.

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