Sunday, July 9, 2006

雲の向こう 約束の場所

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an absolutely beautiful anime movie. not just graphically, but also story wise. the story is very deep in meaning and by just watching it makes me feel accomplished (no kidding). a short description about this anime from animenfo:

An independent animation work by Shinkai Makoto, the creator of Hoshi no Koe. The story is somewhat a combination between "Sleeping Princess" and "Hoshi no Koe".

The story takes place in a "different world" of another postwar period, in 1996, where Japan was divided and ruled. A huge mysterious tower was built on Hokkaido.

The main character of the story are three 15 years old junior high school students: Sawatari Sayuri, Fujisawa Hiroki and Shirakawa Takuya. Because of her illness (memory disorder), Sayuri was transferred into another school in Tokyo. So, three of them part and walk their own path.

The year is 2001, and both of Hiroki and Takuya are college students now. They meet Sayuri again by chance in Tokyo. However, Sayuri has been sleeping for many years because of her illness. Hiroki and Takuya decided to solve the mystery of Sayuri's illness which somehow connected to the mysterious tower.

Can they unravel the mystery of Sayuri's illness? Can three of them stand on the one promised place made after school again?

go ahead to KickAssAnime and grab a copy of it now!!! you won't regret!!! the torrent's at the bottom of the main page.

P.S. if you're wondering, the japanese words are read as: kumo no mukou, yakusoku no basho. just for your curiousity. =)

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