Monday, June 19, 2006


had my physics test just now. only can answer 2 out of 5 questions. mian liaw lah. my 1st fail in form 6. let's see... 1st question was about derivation of physical quantities or something like that. 2nd was about projectiles, fucking hard, can't even think of how to start. 3rd was... err... 4th was about a rifle and a wall and something to do with projectiles too, no idea how to do that. the last one was about a graph. man, i didn't know physics was this tough at this stage. i did planned to go for biology, but after thinking about the dicepting rats stuff, nahh. chemistry and maths is okay, much much better than physics. we're going damn fast in physics, too. only the fourth week of my form 6, already on my 5th chapter, something about centripetal force. so damn headache about physics. sigh, the melancholy of a form six student. a form six physics student. damn you biology students. damn you all.

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