Sunday, June 4, 2006

finally back

finally i'm back. 1st feeling i get after entering house - damn i need to use the toilet. eheheh. after that, here i am lah, basically. back online. plenty of things i wanna share with everyone from my trip. no photos for the moment, my card reader borrowed to my friend. don't worry, i'll upload them all as soon as i get my card reader. i'm feeling kinda tired right now, so i'll simply summarize my trip in one simple paragraph.

1st and 2nd day, basically, involves me cleaning my sis's new house and helping her packing her things. so, nothing meaningful to talk about there. 3rd day i went to low yat plaza, bought some software discs and 100 pieces of DVD-Rs. 4th day i went to watch Da Vinci Code at Times Square, damn song. 5th day went to watch X-Men 3 at One Utama, damn song also. 6th, 7th, 8th went shopping for whole day. Things i bought include 4 japanese language books, a World Cup Guidebook(a world cup is not complete without one of this!), a 512MB MicroSD card for my sammy D600, and etc.

that's all lah. tomorrow i'll talk more detailed about my trip with my pictures, hopefully. so till then, matta ne~

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